Zürich Go Tournament 2009 – Day 2

After the the slightly disappointing first day, I was hoping to get better results on the second one. My initial plan to abandon the last few games and make a BBQ at the lake in case I lost the first three games in a row got crushed by winning the second game, therefore making a decent win-loss ratio possible.  So I was determinded to win the remaining two games in order to get a 3-2 result.

Round 4:  Thomas Koller (1k), again a player I knew from the Go Club Zürich. In fact the pairing programs try to avoid getting pair-ups with two people from the same club. However, even though I mainly play at the Go Club Zürich, I’m still a member of the Go Club Winterthur, so I always end up playing the guys from Zürich -_-

Anyway, the game was really enjoyable. For the first time in the tournament I managed to play a decent opening and secure a lead straight from the beginning. However I slacked off in the middlegame, allowing my opponent to secure a large center moyo. By separating 4 of his groups in the center and killing 2 of them, the game got relatively close again.  The endgame was well played by Thomas and I didn’t get to secure too many spots. I won by 1.5 points.


Round 5: This is where things started to get really ugly. At this time I was at 2-2, so this game would determine whether  my wins or losses would prevail. I was a little shocked when I found out my opponent was Brian Kleiner (3d). It’s a bad habit, but I kind of get intimidated by people that outrank me by over 2 ranks. Again I tried to make a decent opening. However I was too hasty and greedy, which led to a fight that spread all over the board, or rather a dragon of mine being chased, trying to get a second eye. If it lived, the gme was mine. If not, I was screwed. Sink or swim. Basically I was completely in the my opponents sphere of influence and tried out every cutting point and every ko in order to somehow enable the dragon to live. After having lost 2 semeais and 2 large groups, there was no way I could have as far as even thought about winning anymore. Eventually I resigned.


Despite only having won 2 games, the tournament was great fun and the location was well chosen. I didn’t attend the prize-ceremony as I had business to do, but to my great pleasure Stefan Lange (4d) had won the tournament, followed by Lorenz Trippel (1d), Josef Renner (2d) and Sébastien Koch (2d). Unfortunately I only managed to come in 12th. I’ll make sure to post the table with the final results as soon as it has been uploaded to swissgo.