Want a trophy? Come and get one!

After having been busy with other pursuits,  I have finally (again) found some time to plunge into the world of black and white stones.

Admittedly not much has changed. Still the same old players, still the same old servers and still the same old rules apply. Even though I must admit that skills are not what they used to be, fortunately they can be brought back into shape by playing and studying extensively ^^. And what better way to this is there than by participating at numerous tournaments and learning from the best that the country has to offer. At the moment three “major” Swiss tournaments have been announced.

jugendherberge_aufenthaltsraumZürcher Turnier 2009 [19. – 20.9.2009]

The Zürich Go Tournament is an annual competition that is probably one of the best visited Go-events in Switzerland. Usually a pro or at least a strong amateur will attend the tournament and give lectures and advise players.  You can find more information on the official homeapge.

Lago19Tournoi de Veyrier 2009 [10 – 11.10.2009]

Another big tournament, mostly visited by players from the french part of Switzerland. It has an excellent reputation and can be looked forward to! Also check their website.

pokaleWinterthurer Go Turnier 2009 [14.11.09]

This tournament is a little special. The time-limits are a bit shorter and only four rounds are played. However this way the tournament can be held on one single day which makes it less time consuming and doesn’t swallow the whole weekend. Usually 15 – 20 players attend the tournament. More information on the website.

Tournaments are always great fun, so please stop by and enjoy an afternoon of fierce battles ^^