Tournament preparations

20090726221516f68After having been away from the Go-scene for a couple of months, I’ve finally decided to blow the dust off my goban and get back to playing. In my opinion the best way to really get back into the game, is to participate at a tournament. With the Zürich Tournament and the Winterthur Tournament coming up, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get back into shape.

However, before participating anywhere, there is one matter that must be attended first, studying! Now the big question is: How do I prepare correctly? After playing a couple of fast games on KGS and IGS at first, I noticed that my positional judgement was off, but also that I didn’t play as technical as before. Not technical meaning here, that I didn’t always play standard answers and sequences, but moves that appeared plausible to me. After having knocked some rust off I started to get back into the same old routines, which is okay if I just wanted to keep my old rank, but is kind of a hassle if you want to improve. Nothing ever changes if you cling onto old habits, to improve you need to remain flexible and open to everything new. Not only correct moves, but also false ones as they’ll help you see what you shouldn’t do and make you see how you yourself can punish such moves.

Anyway, for starters I decided to go with the Yilun Yangs Workshop lectures, which don’t really teach technical stuff, but the thought process that induces them. They really are invaluable if you want to understand the importance of playing the right way. Additionally I thought it would be a good idea to go over some Tsumego. I hope to be able to review some of my games with stronger players soon, if anyone’s interested in low-dan-game-reviews, please write a comment and let me know so I can upload them ^^