—- This section is still unfinished. More progs and screenshots will be added asap. —-

Freeware (PC)

Stonebase [Website || Download]

Developed in China, this is one of the most useful tools you can get for free. You can set up databases with imported SGF’s and run your own (or other games) through a pattern-search. There are different skins available to customize the whole appearance to your liking.

MultiGo [Website || Download]

Another very useful reviewing-tool. Apart from the usual options, MultiGo also offers the possibility to record audio and thereby create “review-movies” (however the audio-quality isn’t too great). Besides the PC-version, there is also a version for pocket PC’s and smartphones.

Drago [Website || Download]

Probably one of the most popular study-aids. While you can built own databases, Drago also offers various export-options for your games and diagrams.

GoWrite 2.0 [Website || Download]

GoWrite is not a study-tool in a traditional meaning. With this tool you can create complex diagrams (vectorized) and export them in various formats. A little complicated to handle.


SmartGo [Website || Download Demo || Buy ]

One of the best (if not THE best) study-tool there is and is very easy to use. With a built-in IGS-client, database (over 45’000 professional games) and pattern-recognition this is a powerful tool to study and improve your abilities. The trial-version can be used for 15 days without restrictions. The program can be bought for 69 $.

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