Missed the workshop? No problem!

I’m reporting live from Li Yues [7d] Workshop at the Go Club Zürich. During about one hour she explained various concepts of attack and active play. You can find the respective SGF below. Currently she’s playing simultaneous games with 16 players, the strongest being 4d. I’ll make sure to write some more as soon as I get home.

UPDATE: Alright, just got home. The evening was really memorable and a lot of fun. Li Yues teaching style is easily comprehendible, especially as she states and illustrates very clearly why certain moves are good or bad. I’ve tried to include most of the information she gave in the SGF and I think I recorded pretty much all major variations.

Unfortunately I had to leave pretty early and didn’t get to see the results of all of the simultaneous games. However there was one situation that caught my eye. In one of the games the following situation appeared on the board. How does White deal with the situation after the marked black stone has been played?