Kölner Go Turnier 09

Not quite as spectacular as the French Championship is the ongoing Köln Go Tournament. However some nameable players, such as FJ Dickhut [6d], Bernd Radmacher [5d] and Tobias Berben [4d] are participating at the event. The most important games are broadcasted on KGS and there’s also a videofeed from EuroGoTv.

I didn’t have much luck in finding any tournament results as the website only scarcely gives away information on the progress and status of the competition. However I’ll make sure to post the winner and (if available) the commented games!

Majo has informed me that the results are now available at the EGD. Here are the top 3 players:

  1. Franz Josef Dickhut [6d] – 5w/0L
  2. Barbara Knauf [3d]-  3W/2L
  3. Terwey Matthias [4d] – 3W/2L