KGS is down

KGS downShocking news! KGS is down! Today at 11.45 CET the server crashed and is now no longer accessible. The reason for that incident is still unknown.

Last time something like this happened there was a flood of KGS-players migrating to CyberORO or IGS. Of course one could also take this as an opportunity to study some more 😉

UPDATE –  KGS is back up. The cause of the crash was described by wms as follows:

FYI – The cause was the disk of games filling up. I thought I had some room left, but I forgot that Linux refuses to let non-root users fill up the last 5% of the disk, so the server crashed when it couldn’t save games. I transferred the games from 2004 to another disk; this took about 5 hours. I can’t believe that “cp -rp” could run that slow on an otherwise-idle system, even if it is copying millions of small files. I suspect that the server has too strong a journalling mode enabled or something like that, but there you are. Once 2004 was transferred to another disk, I was able to delete it and restart the server. Should be safe until the next time the disk fills up.