Ing Memorial Cup 2009 – Interviews

As you may already have noticed. I didn’t post anything about the ING Memorial Cup 2009 that took place a couple of days ago. Sorry for that (university is kind of keeping me busy -_-). The ING Cup is held in very high esteem by all Go-players, it’s history is as follows.

It’s the twentieth time this invitation tournament for European top players is being held. 24 of the strongest European players will be invited. They will be competing for more than 8,000 Euro’s in prize money. Amongst others the professionals Catalin Taranu, Alexandre Dinerchtein, Fan Hui, Guo Juan and Diana Koszegi will participate. The tournament will last 6 rounds.

The Ing Memorial tournament (formerly Ing Cup) takes place in memory of the late Ing Chang-Ki, who died in 1997. His ‘Ing Chang-Ki Educational Foundation’ actively organizes go projects all over the world to stimulate the promotion of go amongst childern. Ing Chang-Ki developed interesting rules for go that fill in gaps in the ‘traditional’ rules and are very suitable for teaching go to children. The Ing Foundation has supported the European Go Federation with a sum of 100,000 US dollars on a yearly basis.

The Ing Memorial is one of the projects that are funded with this money.


Anyway, EuroGoTV covered the whole event. My personal favorite Pal Balogh only got 10th (losing to Catalin Taranu, FJ Dickhut and Ondrej Silt). However Fan Hui 2p managed to go undefeated and therefore won the tournament.

I’ll see if I can get my hands on all gamerecords of the tournament and then upload them . Until then, enjoy EurogoTV‘s Interviews with some of the top European players!

Fan Hui (touranment winner)

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Vladimir Danek

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I’ve managed to download all games that were covered on KGS, a total of 20 games. You can download them in the enclosed RAR-File. I haven’t named the SGF’s according to their respective players, but you can view who played them (as well as who won) with the SGF-shell-extension-tool. I haven’t deleted the KGS-comments, so the files are riddiculously large -_- [PW (if needed, it didn’t seem to work here) is swissgoblog]

[attachments title=”ING Memorial Cup 2009 SGF’s”]