Go caricatures by Che!

While browsing through deviantArt, I found this very interesting collection of caricatures of famous Go players. The artist who drew them also happens to be a friend KGS, cherisse.  IMHO there are just too few cool Go drawings around, so I hope Che will keep up the great work. Below a short interview with her.

VincentV:  How did you get the idea to draw those caricatures?
cherisse:  Those caricatures are mostly experiments 🙂 you’ll notice that i use various styles depending on who im drawing too
VincentV:  Do you have a favorite amongst them?
cherisse: i like leechangho the most, though many liked the cho u style
VincentV: alright thx a lot 🙂

More drawings of her can be found at her website at deviantArt.