Lately, I’ve been wondering what it is that Go-blog-visitors actually want to read about.  So I decided to open a respective poll on GoDiscussions. Up until now 36 people have made their choices and the results look as follows.

  1. [26 votes] Pro game reviews
  2. [21 votes] Articles on Go history and/ or players
  3. [16 votes] News (Pro Go scene)
  4. [14 votes] Tsumego
  5. [14 votes] Pictures & Media
  6. [11 votes] High dan amateur game reviews
  7. [8 votes] News (Amateur Go scene)
  8. [8 votes] Tournament Reports

20090411.22021203038i1Basically, Pro reviews are what you guys seem to be most interested in, so I will try to post some of them (as printable or maybe even PDF-versions) on the blog. As for articles on history and players, this should be a simpler task to accomplish ^^. News on the Pro Go scene go pretty much hand in hand with Pro reviews, so I’ll see if in future I can get recent tournament games commented and uploaded along with the results. However regular reviews as well as Tsumego and Go media seem to be fairly attractive too. I was nevertheless surprised that people don’t seem to hold any interest towards amateur news and tournament reports. Personally I find it thrilling to watch Europes top players compete in well-known tournaments, however Pro-related information seems to be more appreciated.

There were some rather interesting thoughts and ideas in the thread, so I’d like to cite some of them in this post.

Originally Posted by Koch on
Vincent – have you considered a group blog, with half a dozen or so contributors posting original content as sol suggests? These type of blogs can be rather successful if everyone involved is committed to it.

The idea of making a group-blog is without a doubt a good one. However there are only very few bloggers out there and even fewer that actually regularly blog and are keen on joining a group. As much as I’d appreciate a Co-Blogger, it’s very difficult to find one.

Originally Posted by daal on
I’d like to read interviews and profiles of prominent GD members. Why doesn’t MDobbins actually live in Philadelphia? How does find all those images to use as comments? Does Kirby enjoy go as much as posting? Will Bill Spight’s book include principles for 4ds? Does _____ have time to do anything else? etc.

Interviews are always a very enjoyable task. Also most of the time you will learn new things and expercience a diffrent point of view. Especially with well known players from KGS or the national Go Association.

Eventually I would like to thank everyone that voted in the poll and made suggestions in the forum, it really helps me a great deal and makes blogging easier.