European Youth Go Championship 09

Days 1 & 2



This weekend the yearly European Youth Go Championship takes place in Bosnia.  I found this especially interesting as I already had the opportunity to play some strong youngsters from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and all of them showed great promise. So I’m really curious to find out how they’ll do. Of course some members of the KGS-elite are also participating (Artem, Debarre, etc.)

Unfortunately the official website doesn’t give away too much information about the event, I couldn’t even find a link the results or the participants-listing. Currently the fourth round is being played, I’ll make sure to upload the SGF’s from days 1 & 2 as soon as the round has finished. For everyone who still isn’t watching, there is a video-feed from EuroGoTV.

UPDATE: The Gamerecords of the first 4 rounds are now downloadable (from all games that have been covered on KGS).

UPDATE 2: Results after Round 4 are now online and viewable.

It’s kind of disappointing that Croatia (yes, I am a Croatian citizen ^^)  is doing so bad in the main-event as well as in the u12- and the side-event. I sure hope they’ll do better tomorrow! Currently Artem is leading with 4 straight victories.

[attachments docid=197 title=”Kifu (days 1 and 2)”]

Day 3

So finally the second day of the EYGC 09 has commenced. The first board-game has already been finished and Artem has strenghtened his position by winning his 5th game too. At this point it’s pretty safe to assume that he’ll earn the title of European Youth Go Champion 09. As for the Side-event, Croatia is still losing… which is kind of frustrating -_-. Expect the SGF’s of all games that were covered on KGS on day 3 as soon as round 6 is over.

I’ve also updated the results to include the listings of the u12 and side-event as well.

UPDATE: The Tournament is over and contrary to my expections Artem hasn’t won, Jabarin Ali (Israel) took the first place in his stead. You can find the complete list here. In he side-event Croatia didn’t make it to the top 5 (Mladen Smud 2d got closest with his 7th place), which is (as already mentioned) pretty disappointing. I couldn’t find any pictures of the tournament on the official page, but I’ll make sure to post a link as soon as I find any. Enclosed you find the SGF’s of rounds 5 & 6 (as always provided by EuroGoTV and filled with lots of KGS-kibbitz).

[attachments docid=206 title=”Kfiu (day 3)”]