Enclave Blitz Tournament!

The Enclave has announced a new Blitz tournament, starting on 1st october, enclosed are the details. I’m definately in 😀

The Enclave Blitz Division

The Blitz Division is getting ready to start up


The games must be public, unranked 19×19 games handicaps optional, maximum of nine stones.

The tournament is single-elimination, first loss prevents you from getting a prize.

The games will be scheduled by the players so that times are flexible and convenient for both of them. After being given an opponent, the player should contact him/her and schedule a game to be played within 24 hours. If there is a problem scheduling a game or contacting your opponent, or if you need more time, just email us and we will try to devise a solution.

Default settings will be 1 minute of main time with 3 10 sec byo-yomi periods, Japanese scoring, 6.5 komi for even games, and normal handicaps in the form of extra stones.

None of the defaults can be changed with or without the discretion of the players, even if both players consent. A reduction in handicap stones can occur with 10 points of reverse komi per stone (given at the consent of both players).

The use of an undo is left up to the opponent’s discretion. Anybody suspected of abuse may be disqualified from this and future Enclave tournaments.

When the game is finished, immediately send the results to blitz@kgsenclave.com

In the event that a player is unresponsive after a reasonable period of time, we may have to issue a loss by default.

If any problems arise, please contact the administration either in person (Ricky1) or by e-mail at:



Registration is now open!

To register, a player must send an email to blitz@kgsenclave.com with the following information:

1. KGS Username, one with a solid rank
2. Current rank
3. GMT Timezone
4. Any definite time concerns (meetings on a game day, work, etc.)
5. Your name


Sebastian Rieche, Korean 4d, is providing a game with review and answered questions for the winner. A goban will be awarded to one player from a random drawing.

Current Pairings

We haven’t started yet! Give me a break!

Final Four

Coming soon!

Tournament Bracket

Coming soon!

The tournament bracket will be kept as current as possible, and updated at least once daily.

Feel free to print the bracket and track wins and losses by hand if you wish.

Previous Winners

* Tirno [1d]
* djifmaster [6k]
* cynewulf [1k]
* mike2096 [6k]
* floss [5k]