Championnat de France 09

The French Go Championship is one of the most interesting by far as France has some of the strongest players of Europe participating in it. Not only that but the organization, with sponsoring and EuroGoTV is really awesome. Anyway, so far the result table looks as follows.

1 Noguchi Motoki 6D 37To 24+w 22+b 5+w 15+w 5+w 7+b 2?b 6
2 Zhang Yanqi 6D 38Gr 9+b 23+b 8+w 14+w 6+b 3+w 1?w 6
3 Debarre Thomas 5D 67SE 15+b 10+w 14+w 20+w 8+w 2-b 7?w 5
4 Donzet Frédéric 5D 67SE 16+b 11+w 20+w 18+w 7-b 10+b 9?b 5
5 Noir Baptiste 4D 93Mo 29+b 13+w 1-b 12+b 1-b 17+w 8?w 4
6 Dréan-Guénaizia Benjamin 4D 29Co 17+w 14-b 13+b 10+w 2-w 15+b 16?b 4
7 Naddef Loup 3D 38Gr 30-w 25+b 24+b 17+w 4+w 1-w 3?b 4
8 Bivas Paul 2D 92An 25+b 30+b 2-b 22+w 3-b 18+w 5?b 4
9 Talla Yannis 1D 75Op 2-w 18-b 31+b 32+w 22+w 20+b 4?w 4
10 Gattullo Elia 2D 75Al 27+b 3-b 30+w 6-b 16+w 4-w 14?b 3
11 Laks Julien 1D 59Li 19+b 4-b 18-w 26+w 17-b 25+b 20?w 3
12 Bouetté Valérian 1D 93Mo 20-b 26+b 32+w 5-w 18-b 21+w 17?b 3
13 Cornuejols Dominique 1D 38Gr 32+w 5-b 6-w 27+b 19-b 26+w 18?b 3
14 Roussille Gautier 1D 34Mo 28+w 6+w 3-b 2-b 20-b 22+w 10?w 3
15 Bellis Alexandre 1D 13Ma 3-w 27+b 21+b 1-b 23+w 6-w 25?w 3
16 Mugnier Vincent 1D 21Di 4-w 19+w 22-b 21+b 10-b 23+b 6?w 3
17 Melcer Florian 1K 92Le 6-b 28+b 23+w 7-b 11+w 5-b 12?w 3
18 Calvé Tanguy 3K 44Na 23-w 9+w 11+b 4-b 12+w 8-b 13?w 3
19 Machet Eric 3K 31To 11-w 16-b 25+w 24+b 13+w 0- 0- 3
20 Richard Xavier 4K 64Ba 12+w 21+w 4-b 3-b 14+w 9-w 11?b 3
21 Lips Fabien 2D 75Al 26+w 20-b 15-w 16-w 31+b 12-b 29?w 2
22 Leduc Jean-Philippe 2D 11Ca 31+b 1-w 16+w 8-b 9-b 14-b 0- 2
23 Knippel Arnaud 2D 76Ro 18+b 2-w 17-b 30+w 15-b 16-w 26?b 2
24 Xu Zhou 1D 75Op 1-b 31+w 7-w 19-w 26-b 32+b 28?w 2
25 Lehmann Hugo 1K 31To 8-w 7-w 19-b 28+b 32+b 11-w 15?b 2
26 Boucherie Arnaud 2K 35Re 21-b 12-w 28+w 11-b 24+w 13-b 23?w 2
27 Dudouët Pierre 3K 64Pa 10-w 15-w 29+b 13-w 30+b 0- 0- 2
28 Clair Yves 5K 64Pa 14-b 17-w 26-b 25-w 29+w 31+b 24?b 2
29 Payrat Julien 1K 63Ce 5-w 32-b 27-w 31-w 28-b 30+b 21?b 1
30 Papin Michael 1K 37To 7+b 8-w 10-b 23-b 27-w 29-w 32?b 1

Gestin Timothée 2K 76Ha 22-w 24-b 9-w 29+b 21-w 28-w 0- 1
32 Saves Baptiste 4K 31To 13-b 29+w 12-b 9-b 25-w 24-w 30?w 1


As for the finale the two remaining players in the K.O.-tournament are Noguchi Motoki [6d] and Zhang Yangqi [6d]. The game between them is being currently transmitted on KGS. I couldn’t find any information on prizes and awards. Enclosed are the links to other tournament related things.


Here are the results after the final round. The winner of the K.O. Tournament is Zhang Yangqi [6d] ! Motoki Noguchi (former champion) lost the game by 3.5 points. Fan Hui [2p] reviewed and commented the game, you can view his opinions and variations here.

1 Zhang Yanqi 6D 38Gr 12+b 25+b 6+w 17+w 5+b 3+w 2+w 7
2 Noguchi Motoki 6D 37To 18+w 24+b 7+w 13+w 7+w 8+b 1-b 6
3 Debarre Thomas 5D 67SE 13+b 9+w 17+w 23+w 6+w 1-b 8+w 6
4 Donzet Frédéric 5D 67SE 19+b 10+w 23+w 14+w 8-b 9+b 12+b 6
5 Dréan-Guénaizia Benjamin 4D 29Co 20+w 17-b 16+b 9+w 1-w 13+b 19+b 5
6 Bivas Paul 2D 92An 27+b 26+b 1-b 24+w 3-b 14+w 7+b 5
7 Noir Baptiste 4D 93Mo 30+b 16+w 2-b 11+b 2-b 20+w 6-w 4
8 Naddef Loup 3D 38Gr 26-w 27+b 18+b 20+w 4+w 2-w 3-b 4
9 Gattullo Elia 2D 75Al 28+b 3-b 26+w 5-b 19+w 4-w 17+b 4
10 Laks Julien 1D 59Li 22+b 4-b 14-w 21+w 20-b 27+b 23+w 4
11 Bouetté Valérian 1D 93Mo 23-b 21+b 32+w 7-w 14-b 15+w 20+b 4
12 Talla Yannis 1D 75Op 1-w 14-b 31+b 32+w 24+w 23+b 4-w 4
13 Bellis Alexandre 1D 13Ma 3-w 28+b 15+b 2-b 25+w 5-w 27+w 4
14 Calvé Tanguy 3K 44Na 25-w 12+w 10+b 4-b 11+w 6-b 16+w 4
15 Lips Fabien 2D 75Al 21+w 23-b 13-w 19-w 31+b 11-b 30+w 3
16 Cornuejols Dominique 1D 38Gr 32+w 7-b 5-w 28+b 22-b 21+w 14-b 3
17 Roussille Gautier 1D 34Mo 29+w 5+w 3-b 1-b 23-b 24+w 9-w 3
18 Xu Zhou 1D 75Op 2-b 31+w 8-w 22-w 21-b 32+b 29+w 3
19 Mugnier Vincent 1D 21Di 4-w 22+w 24-b 15+b 9-b 25+b 5-w 3
20 Melcer Florian 1K 92Le 5-b 29+b 25+w 8-b 10+w 7-b 11-w 3
21 Boucherie Arnaud 2K 35Re 15-b 11-w 29+w 10-b 18+w 16-b 25+w 3
22 Machet Eric 3K 31To 10-w 19-b 27+w 18+b 16+w 0- 0- 3
23 Richard Xavier 4K 64Ba 11+w 15+w 4-b 3-b 17+w 12-w 10-b 3
24 Leduc Jean-Philippe 2D 11Ca 31+b 2-w 19+w 6-b 12-b 17-b 0- 2
25 Knippel Arnaud 2D 76Ro 14+b 1-w 20-b 26+w 13-b 19-w 21-b 2
26 Papin Michael 1K 37To 8+b 6-w 9-b 25-b 28-w 30-w 32+b 2
27 Lehmann Hugo 1K 31To 6-w 8-w 22-b 29+b 32+b 10-w 13-b 2
28 Dudouët Pierre 3K 64Pa 9-w 13-w 30+b 16-w 26+b 0- 0- 2
29 Clair Yves 5K 64Pa 17-b 20-w 21-b 27-w 30+w 31+b 18-b 2
30 Payrat Julien 1K 63Ce 7-w 32-b 28-w 31-w 29-b 26+b 15-b 1
31 Gestin Timothée 2K 76Ha 24-w 18-b 12-w 30+b 15-w 29-w 0- 1
32 Saves Baptiste 4K 31To 16-b 30+w 11-b 12-b 27-w 18-w 26-w 1
8emes Quarts Demis Finale Champion
Noguchi Motoki [6D] Noguchi Motoki [6D]
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Noguchi Motoki [6D]
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Noguchi Motoki [6D]
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Bellis Alexandre [1D]
Bouetté Valérian [1D] Noir Baptiste [4D]
Noir Baptiste [4D]
Naddef Loup [3D] Naddef Loup [3D] Naddef Loup [3D]
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Melcer Florian [1K]
Calvé Tanguy [3K] Donzet Frédéric [5D]
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Donzet Frédéric [5D]
Debarre Thomas [5D] Debarre Thomas [5D]
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Debarre Thomas [5D] Zhang Yanqi [6D]
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Richard Xavier [4K]
Leduc Jean-Philippe [2D] Bivas Paul [2D]
Bivas Paul [2D]
Dréan-Guénaizia Benjamin [4D] Dréan-Guénaizia Benjamin [4D] Zhang Yanqi [6D]
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Gattullo Elia [2D]
Roussille Gautier [1D] Zhang Yanqi [6D]
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Zhang Yanqi [6D]