Blogging again!

Hikaru no Go

Hikaru no Go

Phew, I’ve been away for half a year. Didn’t play too much Go though. Now that I have time for Go again I thought: why not blog again? And as the demand was high, I even do it in English ^^ However I decided to change the platform. Blogger just didn’t seem up-to-date anymore. This is just a raw first version of the Blog. I’ll try to make some more changes as soon as I have time to.

I look forward to providing all of you with more news from the Go-World again (despite me probably making dozens of spelling mistakes 😉 )

UPDATE: Anyway. After my break I noticed that some things had changed. First of all. My local Go-Club now opens its gates on fridays too. Which would be great in theory, but becomes a bit disappointing after realizing that only around 4 people appear. However the wednesdays are still awesome. Lots of players, lots of chatter and of course: Li Ang [5p]! He’s visiting the club every now and then and giving lectures on all kinds of stuff (usually openings). I ran into one of them a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of refreshing to hear the familiar sound of clacking stones. Next thing I need to do is participate at a tournament ^^

Moreover there have been some major changes in the world of Internet-Go as well. The Enclave has now published a Magazine similar to Suji (which unfortunately got discontinued). They’ve got some pretty interesting stuff in there and it’s written and designed pretty well.