Being indecisive

motivation-paddlin-demotivational-posterThe Zürich tournament is approaching rapidly and I’m not feeling all to confident in my abilities.  Is it really a good idea to skip a tournament just because you might be in a slump?

3 days aren’t nearly enough time to study new stuff that will actually be settled in your memory and completely understood until the day of the tournament. So I’ve come to the following conclusion. I will play a best-out-of-10. So if i manage to win at least 6 out of 10 games, I will participate at the tournament. If on the other hand my win-loss-ratio happens to be worse than that, I will focus on my studies instead. Additionally I’ll try to review as many as possible out of the played games. If you have any hints or comments, they’re appreciated ^^

Current status: 2 W – 0 L

Anyway here’s the first game!

The second game almost ended in a disaster. I was lucky to pull out a win on this one.