Baduk training in Korea

Those kind of schools sure have been popping up lately. After the Inernational Baduk Academy there is now another center that offers guidance in the complicated ways of Go, the Kings Internation Baduk Training Center. After taking a look at their homepage, I found out that there four courses available

  1. Course for vital improvement – (3, 6 or 12> months) basically helps you to improve your vitality through Baduk
  2. Course of international leader of Baduk – (3 months) Well, as the name says. You become some kind of international leader. It’s not stated what kind of training you’re going to have.
  3. Course of becoming professional – (3> years) is the course you should take if you intend to become a professinal Baduk player.
  4. Course of college-entrance – (6 monts) will help you to enter universities or colleges with a Baduk-related degree program

Now let’s have a look at the pricing. The entrance-fee varies between 200 to 300 $ (for food, study-material and uniforms). However there are additional fees for the tution, these are 500 $ per month. For example a course of international Baduk leader will cost 200 + (3 x 500) = 1’700 $.

However there are some well-known names amongst the teachers of the school. Mr.Kim Sung Rae [4p] (wirter of “Korean Style of Baduk”), Mr.Kim Sung Ryong [9p], Diana Koszegi [1p] and other amateur players.